NORTHSHORE LAKE HOUSE -- "an Urban Retreat" -- sits on Northshore Lake in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Our Bed and Breakfast is unique in many ways. We're located less than five miles from the heart of downtown Raleigh -- North Carolina's Capital City. Our visitors' comfort is of utmost importance to us.

As a Private Residence, we cater to Guests who are Referred to us or who wish to become New Friends of our home. A large percentage of our clientele are repeat guests, referrals, and those visitors who prefer a selective, personal, home-like environment.

The house has been updated and especially modified to welcome guests with health concerns or limited mobility. Many of our visitors are senior travelers -- those among the 50+ age group.

Other guests are younger adults who enjoy a wildlife environment within an urban setting. Geese, ducks, cranes, herons, turtles, fish, toads, beavers, and rabbits live nearby and visit us frequently.

The lodging contains Three Bedrooms, and One Full Bathroom with a Tub and Hand-held Shower Spray. Built-in Grab Bars provide support. The entryway to the bathroom has been widen to accommodate wheelchairs. Door-knobs throughout the Lake House are levers which are easy to grasp and use.

One, Two, or Three Bedroom Suite options are available. Let us know of your interests and needs. 

Only 1 Guest-party booking is made at a time. There is 1 Full Bathroom.

A minimum two-night stay is required, and off-street parking is also available.

An outdoor gas grill with side burner is often used by guests.

Feel free to use the grill to make your homecooked meals. 

Guests are provided a Continental Breakfast

presented within a basket which often includes fresh fruits, juices, coffee, milk, cereals, tea, and treats. 

Bring your laptop and use our secured Wi-Fi connection.

So ... when you're ready to "unplug" -- but still stay in touch -- consider a respite at

Northshore Lake House.

We'd love to say "hello and welcome!"

You'll find many other amenities once you arrive.

Take a look around our website.

Then send us an email to [email protected] .

We'll be back in touch with you soon.

--- Chris & Clyde

There are 2 friendly pets who live here:

Cosmo, the male miniature Poodle and

Blu, the female Siamese cat.

If you'd like to meet them, they'd love to say "hello".

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